Theme of the 2024 Conference

Building the Case for Reproductive Choice


20 - 21 September: Conference days
22 September AM:  Post-conference session, open for French-speaking participants

Simultaneous translation to French is foreseen for the plenary sessions of the Conference.

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  • Updates on VEMA
  • Contraception
  • Painmanagement
  • Abortion beyond 1st trimester
  • Advocacy
  • Abortion in health care
  • Debate sessions
  • Hands-on basics in abortion sessions
  • ...

Summary programme: Plenaries & Key sessions

Opening ‘What do we mean by having a choice?’

The right to choose implies a freedom to make decision. Is this an individual rational, aspirational decision? Is it shaped by a cultural, social, and religious norm? How does the right to choose to play out in different countries? How are choices made and what choices are available? What is the role of policymakers, service managers, health professionals, advocates, and researchers in facilitating choice? Our opening plenary sets out the themes for this year’s Conference.

Plenary 1: Making the case for abortion rights

There are many ways to make the case for the right to access abortion care and this session presents the many different ways that advocates globally consider the arguments. From abortion as ‘basic health care’ to abortion as ‘bodily autonomy’; abortion as ‘private and personal’ to its provision as a ‘communitarian’ care. A panel considers how the case for abortion is made in different settings.

Plenary  2: providing abortion choices in a digital world

COVID pushed telemedicine to the fore in many countries and it has become an established way for women to access safe care when it is not provided locally. Pills delivered in the post might well be the future for those with uncomplicated early pregnancy, but where does that leave women in later pregnancy? And what are the consequences for services that have relied on a mix of methods to remain viable? Furthermore, what happens when women use medications at gestations beyond those recommended? Experts explore the possibilities and pitfalls of digital access.

Plenary Session 3: Blurring the lines between contraception and abortion

For decades policymakers, legal experts, and medical practitioners have insisted on drawing a clear line between contraception (preventing pregnancy) and abortion (ending pregnancy). Which side of the line a product falls determines how, when, where, and by whom it can be provided. But, where does that leave us with medicines that might be used to prevent or end pregnancy? Does the distinction really matter morally? Do those providing abortion, and those having it really care? This plenary brings into the open a discussion that has been previously avoided.

Plenary session 4: Providing inclusive abortion care

How do we make sure that no one’s needs are forgotten behind as we strive to offer first-class care? How do we respond to the needs of those marginalized or excluded by race, class, or identity; those whose abortions are less socially acceptable; and those whose abortions are technically difficult or costly to provide? This panel considers how we ensure we leave no one behind.

There will be workshops, round table discussions, political updates, and technical briefings to benefit those offering services. We opted not to overload the programme, but focus on some important topics and leave time for discussion.

  • Updates on VEMA
  • Painmanagement in abortion and IUD inserting
  • Abortion beyond 1st trimester
  • Contraceptive care
  • USA past Roe vs Wade
  • Diversity in legal and practical approaches to abortion in the world
  • Round table discussions on legal time limits and abortion for fetal anomalies
  • Sessions for posters and oral communications

And, for the first time FIAPAC offers, over the two days, a course on the essentials of abortion care for current and would-be providers

  • Essentials on pre / post abortion care
  • Essentials on medical abortion
  • Essentials on surgical abortion

Plus the General Meeting exclusively for FIAPAC members       


A detailed program is coming soon, but for now, you can be confident that whatever is under discussion in the world of abortion will be scrutinized here by the leading providers and advocates for choice.

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