FIAPAC is an organization of professionals working in the field of abortion and contraception.

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Profile of FIAPAC in J Fam Plann Reprod Health Care 2011

2022 FIAPAC Conference

8 - 10 September 2022
Riga, Latvia
Theme: Fertility control into the hands of women
More information here.

Letter from FIAPAC to the Members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic

28 October 2021 - Together with the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health, FIAPAC sent a letter to the Members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic with respect to the Draft Law on assistance to pregnant women (Print 665, 31.08.2021). Read the letter here.

Statement from FIAPAC on the recent law restricting abortion in the US state of Texas

Members of FIAPAC, the leading association of clinicians involved in abortion care globally, are shocked and appalled by the passage of the recent law restricting abortion in the US state of Texas which prohibits abortion there beyond 6 weeks’ gestational age, penalizes any assistance provided to those seeking abortion, and provides financial incentives to those who bring suit against people who have offered any kind of help to women seeking pregnancy termination.
This law encodes vigilantism against all abortion seekers and providers, friends and family of women seeking terminations, and even taxi drivers who take patients to clinics. This unsavory behavior is incited by making average citizens into bounty seekers, reaping $10,000 for every person they accuse – with no limit on the number of times a person can be accused.
The cynicism and cruelty of this law is not worthy of a civilized society. In the US, it is a direct affront and legal challenge to the established Constitutional right to pre-viability abortion. 

FIAPAC believes that abortion should be available within all healthcare systems for every person who needs one.

FIAPAC President, Sharon Cameron said: "Abortion bans do not stop abortions. They cause hardship by forcing women to travel or risk their health by ending pregnancies in secret. A law like this has no place in any civilised society that respects women.”

Call for projects 2020/2021

Exelgyn sponsored research grant in partnership with FIAPAC
'Improving the quality of life for women having a medical abortion'

This research grant aims at promoting clinical research and best practice in the management of Termination of Pregnancy (ToP), that improve the quality of life and the autonomy for women before, during and after ToP.

This grant includes financial assistance amounting to a total of 10,000 euros and professional medical writing assistance for English manuscript preparation. This manuscript will be submitted to an international, peer reviewed journal.

All applications must be received by end of December 2021.

Open call for grant proposals – General conditions
Please use this application form
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FIAPAC statements

Letter from FIAPAC to the Members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic (28 October 2021)
Statement on the recent law restricting abortion in the US state of Texas (published on 14 September 2021)
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Statement on the situation in Poland (published on 13 April 2016)
Statement of solidarity with the Federation for Women and Family Planning in Poland
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