FIAPAC is an organization of professionals working in the field of abortion and contraception.

Our Website provides information on a professional level. Here you will find a broad range of information with an international perspective, in particular the contents and presentations of the FIAPAC-conferences.

Profile of FIAPAC in J Fam Plann Reprod Health Care 2011

2018 Conference

Theme: Liberating women - Removing barriers and increasing access to safe abortion care
14. - 15. September 2018 in Nantes (France)
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Early registration deadline now extended till 30 June 2018!


FIAPAC Survey 'Very early medical abortion'

Dear colleagues,
More and more women come early for a medical abortion, sometimes even before the location of the pregnancy can be determined. Colleagues handle these situations differently, some wait for 1-2 weeks some start treatment immediately. And so far there is no recognized standard or best practice. Therefore FIAPAC is conducting an anonymous online survey to collect data on current practice and experience with Very Early Medical Abortion, VEMA.

The results will be published at the FIAPAC conference and website and will help to improve the guidelines for medical abortion. Your help is needed and therefore we kindly ask you to complete this very short online survey. It will just take less than 5 minutes.
Click here to complete the survey.
Please feel free to forward this email to other colleagues in the field.
This survey will be online up to the 31st of July only.
Thank you in advance and all the best

WHO survey

The World Health Organization is supporting the development of a minimum data set (core outcome set) for abortion trials, called the STAR project, as part of the global COMET initiative.
Research studies on abortion have collected and reported many different outcomes and outcome measures, but without standardization, it is difficult for researchers to use these outcomes in a meaningful way.
The aim of the STAR project is to narrow down the abortion outcomes that we collectively believe are the most important, generating a list of core outcomes to be measured in abortion research in the future. This is a two- to three-part survey, which follows the Delphi process.
Each survey will take no more than fifteen minutes to complete. Anyone, anywhere with expertise or experience of abortion can participate (for example, clinicians, nurses, researchers, patients, patient representatives, etc).
We are coming together to try to reduce the widespread variation in the collection and reporting of outcomes in abortion research and to improve abortion care.

Participation in part 1 of the survey closes on Friday 22nd June.

Please click here to participate

Dr. Katherine Whitehouse
World Health Organization

Board elections 2018

2018 is a year in which  board elections must  be organised. Time and action table:

  • 15 July: reference point at which the number of members per country is calculated to determine the number of board representatives for each country. Each country may have one representative in the Board if they have five paid-up members; two representatives if a country has twenty or more paid-up members.
  • 15 July: start application period.
  • 15 August: closing date for applications.
  • 16 August: countries are informed on the candidates, followed by e-voting.
  • September: the new Board will be announced formally at General Assembly



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FIAPAC statements

Statement on 'She decides ...' (published on 9 March 2017)

FIAPAC, the international federation of professionals involved in contraception and abortion care,  applauds those countries that have pledged funds over and above their existing aid  commitments, to make good the financial deficit caused by President Trump’s  ban on US aid to overseas groups that provide abortion or abortion advocacy.

Earlier this month more than 50 countries sent delegates to a meeting in Brussels to discuss the international response to Trump, and they committed 180 million euros to a fund (She Decides) launched by the Belgian Deputy prime Minister as an immediate response to the US administration re-imposition of restrictions  of it’s aid recipients. These restrictions have come to be known as the Global Gag Rule.

FIAPAC believes abortion services should be seen as basic health care and are essential in all country settings. The Federation is asking its own members to mark International Women’s Day by calling on their own Governments to commit to the She Decides Fund, and joining the actions of those around the world who are using the day to protest against restrictions on women’s freedom to make their own reproductive choices.

Statement on the situation in Poland (published on 13 April 2016)
Statement of solidarity with the Federation for Women and Family Planning in Poland
Statement on the prosecution of women in Northern Ireland for offences relating to abortion