Amsterdam, 24-25 mai 2002: „Fifth FIAPAC-Conference“

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    L’avortement médicamenteux - Nouvelles perspectives
    • Elisabeth Aubény, FR
    • Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson, SE
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  • 11:00-
    L’avortement dans les pays en voie de développement
    • Marijke Alblas, ZA
    L’avortement du deuxième trimestre
    • Thea Schipper, NL
    Les prescriptions après l’avortement médicamenteux
    • Mirella Parachini, IT
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      Medication After Medical Abortion -

      NSAIDs in pain treatment, Rh-immunoglobulin


      Christian Fiala


      Management of pain during medical abortion has been hampered by recommendations in the product information and guidelines from various sources that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) should not be given to women at least until the follow-up visit eight to 12 days after mifepristone administration. Currently the summary of product characteristics for mifepristone includes advice that, ‘A decrease of the efficacy of the method can theoretically occur due to the antiprostaglandin properties of NSAIDS. Use preferably non-NSAI agents.’ The published evidence does not support these recommendations against the use of NSAIDs.

      Furtheromore NSAIDS are prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors and should have no adverse effect on exogenous prostaglandins. Stated alternatively, NSAIDs don't interfere with misoprostol and there are some good arguments for their use.

      The efficacy of medical abortion in Karolinska Institute and in the General Public Hospital in Korneuburg/Austria has been the same when NSAIDS are used


      Anti-D immune globulin is given in most places after early abortion, although evidence is lacking for the usefulness of this intervention at this early stage of pregnancy. Evidence-based guidelines for the administration of anti-D immune globulin (anti-D IgG) for women undergoing early spontaneous or induced abortions are missing. This is especially true for medical abortion, which is increasingly used in recent years.

      An ongoing study in Sweden is presented.

    L’accompagnement par un proche
    • Dominique Roynet, BE
  • 12:00-
  • 14:00-
    La contraception après l’avortement
    • Philippe Lefèbvre, FR
    • Mirella Parachini, IT
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  • 16:00-
    Pourquoi y a-t-il toujours des avortements illégaux ?
    • Elisabeth Aubény, FR
    • Vicki Saporta, US
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