Ljubljana, 2-5 octobre 2014: „Task sharing in Abortion Care“

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      Catholics for Choice (CFC) invites you to become a stronger advocate for sexual and reproductive rights and health through its Values Clarification workshop, Abortion: Values, Perspectives and Realities. CFC’s workshop, tested and proven with 2,000 advocates and 100 organizations in 35 countries, is an antidote to the polarized disputes that can arise when discussing abortion. It provides a safe environment to reflect with colleagues on the deeper and often complex questions that arise and allows you to:

      • Explore personal doubts and concerns about reproductive health issues;

      • Empathize with the background and positions of others in a way that enhances professional relationships and effectiveness; and

      • Gain information and tools allowing you to clearly articulate your own values.

      CFC has facilitated this workshop with advocates, policymakers and healthcare providers on five continents with 100 percent of participants dramatically strengthening their skills in addressing sexual and reproductive health and rights and women’s rights.


      “CFC’s approach to Values Clarification is different to anything else I’ve seen or experienced. It’s genuinely designed to allow you to explore your own values and boundaries. It’s not about transitioning you to the place someone else thinks you should be by transforming your values to those that they think you should have. I have recommended it to my Board and many colleagues, and I can say without reservation that it is well worth your time.“ - Ann Furedi, chief executive, bpas

      Link: flyer

      Space is limited and participation in the full day program is required.

    Pre-conference session 2, Room E1
    • Alison Edelman, US
    • Patricia Lohr, GB
    • Matthew Reeves , US
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        Dilatation and evacuation (D&E) is one of the World Health Organization's recommend methods for abortion in the second trimester. In addition to its safety and effectiveness, advantages of D&E are that the procedure can be scheduled as a day case and operating times are short (about 10-15 minutes), as opposed to the unpredictable duration of a medical abortion (MA), which may require hospitalisation. The efficiency and predictability of D&E is also beneficial where women require an abortion for maternal medical conditions or complications of pregnancy which could deteriorate during the course of a lengthy labour induction. Lastly, D&E is an important back-up for failed second trimester MA. In many parts of the world multiple barriers prevent access to D&E. One important barrier is a lack of trained providers. Using a mixture of didactic and adult learning methods, this day long workshop will cover the practical requirements of D&E including pre-operative assessment and planning, instruments, cervical preparation, pain control, procedural steps, immediate post-abortion care, and identification and management of complications. We will also cover the next steps in developing a D&E service such as preparation of clinical teams, training, waste management, and infrastructure requirements.  

    Pre-conference session 3, Room E2