Seville 22/23 octobre 2010, "Atteindre l'exellence dans la prise en charge de l'interruption volontaire de grossesse"


Scientific committee

  • Elisabeth Aubény, France
  • Josep Carbonell, Spain
  • Christian Fiala, Austria
  • Kristina Gemzell, Sweden (Chair)
  • Gabriele Halder, Germany
  • Sam Rowlands, UK
  • Mirella Parachini, Italy
  • Anne Verougstraete, Belgium
  • Sharon Cameron, UK
  • Oskari Heikinheimo, Finland
  • Gunta Lazdane, WHO, Denmark
  • Philippe Lefèbvre, France

Translation will be provided into Spanish and French
(T) = simultanous translation available

Resolution passed by 601 health professionals working in abortion and family planning coming from 53 countries