G. Preti


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    Who consults for an emergency pill? Survey about
    users profile. Comparison between 2008 versus
    2011 at the sexual and reproductive health and
    family planning centre, Geneva’s University
    Hospital, Switzerland
    Preti, G1,2; Bettoli, L1,2
    1 Unite´ de sante´ sexuelle et de planning familial de Gene`ve;2 Association Romande et Tessinoise des Conseille`res en Sante´ Sexuelle
    et reproductive (ARTCOSS), Suisse
    Context: In Switzerland, the sexual health and family planning
    centres ensure the provision of the emergency pill (EP) at reduced
    cost with relevant counselling on sexual and reproductive health
    (SRH) matters.

    Which kind of profile do women visiting for the emergency pill
    at the SRH centre in Geneva have? Can we observe an evolution?
    Methods: The first survey took place in 2008 and was repeated in
    2011. Both occurred in the months of December and January
    (2008: 139 women, 2011: 90 women).
    Conclusions: The age of women requiring EP at the SRH centre
    was between 14 and 30 years with a majority of women aged
    between 16 and 17. Younger women often visit Geneva’s centre
    with a friend or a partner. Seventeen percent of all women visit
    with their partners.
    Lack of contraception is the main reason for EP requests with
    40% prevalence, second in line of all requests is condom failure at
    Women from other countries have a higher percentage request
    for non-use of contraception than Swiss women.
    Approximately a third of the situations have complex psycho-
    social elements.
    Between 2008 and 2011, we observed an improvement in time
    lapses between sexual risk and the EP requests (within 12 hours:
    22% in 2011, against 9% in 2008). Also, there are fewer repeated
    EP requests when comparing the second survey with the first.
    In 2011, we observed that at least 11% of surveyed women had
    had repeated unprotected sex, before and after their EP request.