Jean Bangou


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    Who should control the effectiveness of the procedure? I. BANGOU
    (Guadeloupe) maintained that it should be the specialist and the general
    practitioner who started the treatment.
    How should it be controlled? T. HUSSON (France) indicated that a good way of
    ensuring the success of the method is to measure hCG 10 days after
    misoprostol. It should be below 75% of the initial value before the abortion. An
    ultra-sound at follow-up is also an excellent method.

    During the discussion, C. GEMZELL reported that Sweden has excellent results using mifepristone 600 mg + gemeprost 1 mg, administered vaginally. Some
    centres perform 70% of their abortions in this way.

    Many speakers from the floor suggested that the method should be made
    easier, with the misoprostol being taken at home.