15th FIAPAC Conference

20-21 September, 2024
Brussels, Belgium

22 September AM:  Post-conference session, open for French-speaking participants.
Simultaneous translation to French is foreseen for the plenary sessions.

Dear friends 

On September 20 and 21, we welcome you to the 15th FIAPAC Congress in Brussels, literally and figuratively the heart of Europe. Brussels is a city that is vibrant and alive. A melting pot of cultures, with incredible cultural and architectural richness, magnificent museums, typical city neighborhoods, and colorful events.
Last, but not least, world-class beer is brewed, and delicious chocolate and waffles are produced here. 

The congress' base of operations is the Free University of Brussels, an Urban Engaged University with more than 20.000 students, almost a quarter of them from abroad. There they commit themselves to building their future and that of the world. With high-quality scientific research and tailor-made education, the VUB profiles itself as a warm and open university where freedom, equality, sustainability, and critical thinking are key.

Let critical thinking about our sexual and reproductive health be the thread running through this edition of FIAPAC. Abortion is a choice no one wants to have to make, but a choice one should be able to make.
Just as people should be able to choose which contraception suits them best, or which treatment method.
This is why we advocate "Building the case for reproductive choice."

We look forward to meeting you in Brussels!
- The local organizing committee