Attitudes of women, media and society towards contraception: Are we making progress? (pdf) Mirella Parachini

Barriers to access and use of contraception in immigrant women (pdf) Ellen Wiebe

Contraception and sexuality: Effects on pleasure, spontaneity, and frequency (pdf) Johannes Bitzer

De-medicalising contraception (pdf) Ali Kubba

Economic discrepancies for contraception in Europe (pdf) Ines Thonke

Emergency contraception in Hungary (ppt) György Bártfai

Emergency Contraception – mechanisms of action effects on the endometrium (pdf) Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson

Experiences with over-the-counter access (pdf) Ulla Ollendorff

Experiences with prescription-only access (pdf) Ines Thonke

From abortion to contraception (pdf) Giuseppe Benagiano

Is there a reduction in abortion rates (pdf) Sharon Cameron

IUD after medical abortion: Should it remain underused? (pdf) Pascale Roblin

Long cycle combined hormonal contraception (pdf) Gabriele Merki

Methods – What’s new? (pdf) Linan Cheng

Quick start and extended use of OCs (pdf) Anne Vérougstraete


Le councelling relationnel : son application dans l'IVG (pdf) Catherine Megill

No compulsory counselling: The advantages for women (pdf) Margot Schachl

Pre-abortion Counselling in Flanders (pdf) Joke Vandamme

What happens when counselling is no longer obligatory? An example from France (pdf) Sophie Eyraud

Working with parental authorisation requirements for minors (pdf) Catherine Chéry

Ethical Debate

Should women feel pain? (pdf) Chantal Birman

The impact of religion on the frequency of abortion (pdf) Stanley Henshaw

The Moral Case for Abortion (pdf) Ann Furedi

Health Care Professionals

Abortion care: the staff perspective (pdf) Edna Astbury-Ward

Experiences of health care professionals (pdf) André Seidenberg

Needs of health care professionals (pdf) Marijke Alblas

Risk management in abortion care (pdf) Sam Rowlands

Should gynaecologists be obliged to perform abortions? (pdf) Marc Bygdeman

Why abortion is performed in Spain until 26 weeks (pdf) Mike Vidot

Historical Aspects

Eastern Europe: Turning back the wheel? (pdf) Rodica Comendant

Initiatives Politics and Society

An area-based study in central Italy (pdf) Sara Farchi

Developing a strategic approach to the threat to women’s health (pdf) Ann Furedi

Implementation of WHO guidance in Moldova (pdf) Rodica Comendant

Society’s responsibility to provide a legal setting in abortion care (pdf) Christian Fiala

Society’s responsibility to provide safe abortion care (pdf)

Spain: Legal actions against health care professionals (pdf) Eva Rodriguez

The Family Planning Association of Nepal's experience in providing abortion care (pdf) Pramij Thapa

Who is afraid of a woman’s right to self-determination? (pdf) Marcel Vekemans

Young people and abortion, Case study from Kyrgyzstan (pdf) Tatiana Popovitskaya

Legal Aspects

A 5-years experience of the Centre on Emergency Contraception (ppt) Patimat Abakarova

Abortion as a human right: recent international human rights body decisions (pdf) Christina Zampas

Abortion Counseling and Information (ppt) Irina Savelieva

Abortion law around world (pdf) Sam Rowlands

Abortion Law in Ireland (pdf) Natalie McDonnell

Abortion pills: under whose control? (pdf) Sam Rowlands

Are the laws patient centred? (pdf) Christian Fiala

Berlin Declaration (pdf)
BERLIN DECLARATION ON ABORTION 2008 Made by the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Abortion and Contraception Professionals (FIAPAC) on the occasion of their Eighth Congress in Berlin on 24/25 October 2008

CERVICAL PRIMING Evidence from clinical trials (ppt) Helena von Hertzen

Contraception and abortion: where are the women’s needs (ppt) Marcel Vekemans

Counselling before medical abortion (ppt) Christiane der Andreassian


Cytotec-Einnahme zuhause? (pdf) Christiane Tennhardt

Different Strategies to Legalize Abortion: The Swiss Example (pdf) Anne-Marie Rey

Early medical termination of pregnancy - a practical guide for healthcare professionals (pdf)
This practical guide is meant for all those professionals involved in medical abortion: gynaecologists, physicians, midwives, nurses, social workers, etc. This guide comprises the following chapters: • Introduction on European legislations • Counseling • Pre-abortion care • Medical abortion treatment" • Post-abortion care Tables, figures, boxes, conclusions and expert advice, sections make for easy reading and a field book for everyday use.

Emergency Contraception for young people: How to make it safe? (ppt) Elisabeth Aubény

Experiences of decriminalising abortion in Victoria (pdf) Leslie Cannold

first trimester abortion and analgesia (pps) Pierre Moonens

Global overview (pdf) Stanley Henshaw

Guidance of WHO on safe abortion (ppt) Gunta Lazdane

Guideline from The Netherlands (pdf)

How to change restrictive laws: the portuguese experience (pdf) Duarte Vilar

How to help women to choose a contraceptive method (ppt) Mirella Parachini

II-trimester abortion with Mifepristone (ppt) Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson

Importance of Sexual Education (ppt) Anne Vérougstraete

IUCD: insertion after abortion (ppt) Marie Laure Brival

Levonorgestrel releasing IUS (Mirena®) after abortion (ppt) Svetlana I. Rogovskaya

Manual Vacuum Aspiration with local anaesthesia (ppt) Marijke Alblas

Mechanisms of action of levonorgestrel when used for Emergency Contraception (ppt) Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson

Medical examinations before surgical abortion (ppt) Olga F. Serova

Medico-economical aspects of post-abortion contraception (ppt) Elena E. Grigorieva

Mifepriston in emergency contraception (ppt) Vera N. Prilepskaya

Mifepriston in emergency contraception (ppt) Vera N. Prilepskaya


MVA in the context of CAC in EE, R.Comendant,Fiapac+Pictures (ppt) Rodica Comendant

Non-contraceptive benefits hormonal contraception after abortion (ppt) Olga F. Serova

Noninvasive controlled abortion in the trimester of pregnancy (ppt) Nana V. Ordgonikidze

Off-label use of MISOPROSTOL (ppt) Andrew Weeks

Outcomes for women based on psychological background (pdf) Sharon Cameron

Post-abortion contraception: Methods’ choice (ppt) Irina Savelieva

Russian experience of medical abortion (ppt) Tatiana M. Astakchova

Successful Strategies to Decriminalize Abortion: Mexico City Case Study (pdf) Maía Luisa Sánchez-Fuentes

The gradual disappearance of criminal and unsafe abortions in France – an account (ppt) Chantal Birman

The Swedish abortion law (pdf) Marc Bygdeman

The Western European experience of medical termination of early pregnancy (ppt) Elisabeth Aubény

When is a backup aspiration needed? hCG and ultrasound for verification of successful expulsion (ppt) Christian Fiala

Which pre-operative examinations before abortion? (ppt) Anne Vérougstraete

Women’s right for induced abortion within the EU (pdf) Katarina Lindahl

Medical Abortion

Abortion care over the Internet: New options for women (pdf) Gunilla Kleiverda

Access to medical abortion (pdf) Marge Berer

Assessment of significant factors affecting acceptability of home administration of misoprostol for medical termination of pregnancy (pdf) Helena Kopp Kallner

Different routes of administration (pdf) Oi-Shan Tang

Experience of (home-based) medical abortion in family planning centres (pdf) Christian Prizac

Grundlagen des medikamentösen Abbruchs mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der 7. - 9. Woche (pdf) Johannes Bitzer

HERA’s journey to introduce medical abortion in Macedonia (pdf) Bojan Jovanovski

Home abortions implies radical changes for women (pdf) Anneli Kero

How to assess efficacy of medical induced abortion? (pdf) Philippe Lefèbvre

How to verify success: hCG or ultrasound? (pdf) Christian Fiala

Medical abortion in the private practice, the French compromise (pdf) Sophie Eyraud

Medikamentöser Abbruch in Praxen und Kliniken (pdf) Gabriele Halder

MEDIKAMENTÖSER SCHWANGERSCHAFTSABBRUCH Cytotec ® --Anwendung Anwendung zu zu Hause (pdf) Christiane Tennhardt

Meta analysis of mifepristone 200mg vs 600mg (pdf) Michel Lièvre

Misoprostol – a life saving drug (pdf) Anibal Faúndes

Outpatient use of mifepristone and misoprostol before and after 8 weeks gestation (pdf) Marisa Moreira

Perception of pain during misoprostol-induced medical abortion (pdf) Satu Suhonen

PS01 1 Gomperts (pdf)

Review of telephone follow-up of women having early medical abortion (pdf) Lucy Michie

Ultrasound following Medical Abortion (pdf) Matthew Reeves

Outcomes of Abortions

An in-depth study of abortion and repeat abortion (pdf) Lesley Hoggart

Consequences of unwanted childbirth: Outcomes for women and unwanted children (pdf) Catherine Bonnet

Outcomes of abortion provided by the online abortion service Women on Web (pdf) Rodica Comendant

Physiological and reproductive outcomes (pdf) Michel Tournaire

Psychological impacts on men (pdf) Ann Lalos

Pain and Risk Management

Anaesthesia: local vs. general (pdf) André Seidenberg

Decline in Rates of Serious Infection Following Medical Abortion Regimen Changes (pdf) Mary Fjerstadt

Pain management in abortion (pdf) Elisabeth Aubény

Post-abortal infection. Prevention strategies; screening v. prophylaxis incl. surgical -medical abortion European practice (pdf) Sharon Cameron

Preventing infection in abortion care (pdf) Janesh Gupta

Reducing Serious Infection Following Medical Abortion (pdf) Steve Lichtenberg

Second Trimester and More

Consequences of the laws for women and political challenges in Europe (pdf) Marge Berer

Evolucion del aborto del aborto provocado de mas de 12 semanas (pdf) Santiago Barambio

Experience from Spain (pdf) Santiago Barambio

Overview of current laws in Europe (pdf) Hans-Georg Koch


Infection related mortality following medical abortion in North America (pdf) Mary Fjerstadt

Jaarrapportage 2010 van de Wet afbreking zwangerschap (docs/Jaarrapportage1)

Pregnancy rates among adolescents in Slovenia (pdf) Andreja Štolfa Gruntar

Surgical Abortion

Anatomy and clinical aspects (pdf) André Seidenberg

Cervical Priming before First Trimester Surgical Abortion (pdf) Raymonde Moullier

First trimester surgical abortion under local anaesthesia (pdf) Raymonde Moullier

La dilatation du col : quel médicament ? (pdf) Ana Campos

La dilatation du col : systématique ou pas? (pdf) Josep Lluis Carbonell Esteve

Las técnicas más utilizadas en la práctica de Interrupción de la Gestación (pdf) Santiago Barambio


Presenting a recent review (pdf) Nathalie Ambassa

Quelle anaesthésie: locale, générale ? et dans quels locaux? (pdf) Anne Vérougstraete

Verifying successful aspiration, routine ultrasound (pdf) Ellen Wiebe

Why is local anaesthesia done so rarely? (pdf) Stephen Searle

Unsafe or Safe Abortions

Increasing Access to Safe Abortion Services (pdf) Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson

International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion (pdf) Marge Berer

Myths (pdf) Sam Rowlands

Networking to reduce the burden of unsafe abortion: The International Campaign (pdf) Rodica Comendant

Safe abortion action fund (pdf) Manuelle Hurwitz

Safety and effectiveness of termination services performed by doctors vs. mid-level providers (pdf) Thoai D Ngo

Voices from countries with illegal abortion (pdf) Nial Behan