Ragnhild Hjertberg et al.


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    Women’s experience of home-abortion

    R. Hjertberg, M. Jahnson, M. Jarkander-Rolff, K. Lindelöw, I. Rosengren (Sweden)

    Octaviakliniken, Stockholm, Sweden

    Background. Medical abortion with the use of the antiprogestin mifeprostone combined with a prostaglandin has been approved in Sweden since 1992. Misoprostol has been shown to be the most optimal prostaglandin analogue and since 2006 it is possible to perform the abortion at home which is both safe and efficient. (Gemzell Danielsson et al). There has been an increasing demand from women to perform medical abortion at home.

    Objective.To evaluate women’s experience of home-abortion and also to evaluate if our routines with counselling, possibility of advice on the telephone met the women’s need of safety.

    Methods.100 questionnaires regarding given information, feeling of safety, acceptability, and complications, were given to women who chose to use misoprostol at home. Response rate was 56%.

    Results. Mean age 34 yrs (18-46). The information regarding the procedure given from doctor and nurse was sufficient (98%). 85 % felt very safe and 15% rather safe in the home-setting. 100% had enough time for questions before the abortion and 98 % were satisfied with the telephone-contact during the day. 83% had good and 8% had sufficient analgesics during the day. The procedure went as expected although 44% found it not as painful as anticipated.

    Conclusions. Home-abortion with the use of misoprostol presents a good alternative for many women. It is safe and has a high acceptability. However it demands enough time for detailed counselling and good routines at the clinic as well as written information to the women.