C. Rubio et al.


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    Clínica El Sur, a Socially Responsible Company

    C. Rubio, E. Rodríguez, M. Gómez, J. Serrano, P. Hidalgo (Spain)

    Clínica El Sur, Spain

    The society is an integrated and interconnected body in which all parts have their role, their responsibility and are indispensable to build the necessary solutions to the challenges of its time.

    The company, as key agent of the current society, has a strong influence on it since it is part of the richness generation process and distribution causing a too often negative impact on aspects as: environment, human rights, development… In turn, the presence of the society at the companies also rises and then appears a new COMPANY-SOCIETY equation in which companies of XXI century, by breaking the old triangular scheme (workers/customers/shareholders), have become complex structures which must include all its groups of interest (stakeholders): Shareholders, Governments, NGO´s, International Organizations, Mass media, Trade Unions, Employees, Consumers, Citizenship, Local administrations…

    In this context, a new corporate culture appears: the Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.).

    As a result of the European Summit Conference hold in Lisbon in 2000, the “European Green Book on C.S.R.” is published. In this book it is stated “…not only benefits are important, but how you get them”. “Being socially responsible does not mean only meeting fully the legal duties, but also going further by making a higher investment in human capital, environment and relations with the interlocutors”.

    Clinica El Sur (El Sur Clinic) and its staff feel fully identified with this new way of thinking and behaviour and then, since one year ago, we work in the implementation of a C.S.R. management system which we present you in our poster. This system mainly pursues:

    • Active listening and dialogue with the stakeholders.

    Promotion with the example of a management system more egalitarian, fair, caring and equitable which includes the social and environmental concerns.