G. Brady


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    Young women’s experiences of termination of
    pregnancy and miscarriage
    Brady, G
    University of Coventry, UK
    In Britain, the politics and policy of teenage pregnancy places the
    emphasis on ‘prevention’ of teenage pregnancy, positioning
    parenthood for young people as a negative choice; this dominant
    discourse is likely to influence young people’s reproductive
    decisions and experiences. With this in mind, this paper focuses
    on a key finding from a multidisciplinary empirical research
    study, conducted in a city in the West Midlands of England, UK,
    which considered and explored young people’s experience of
    support before and following termination and miscarriage. Data
    were collected via indepth interviews with professionals and
    practitioners, young mothers and one young father. Although
    termination and miscarriage are generally perceived as distinct
    and different issues, the data suggest that the issues become more
    blurred where younger women are concerned. The experiences of
    young, ‘inappropriately pregnant teenagers’ often remain
    unacknowledged and devalued. This paper highlights the social
    and political context in which young women experience
    termination and miscarriage, and suggests that termination and
    miscarriage should be acknowledged as significant medical, social
    and emotional events in the lives of young people.