Isabelle Dagousset


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    I. DAGOUSSET gave a report on the technique of abortion using mifepristone +
    misoprostol, practised at the Orthogenic Centre at BROUSSAIS Hospital in
    Using this method, this centre has performed 15,000 terminations up to 49
    days of amenorrhoea, using 600 mg mifepristone + 400 µg misoprostol. An
    additional dose of 400 µg of misoprostol would be administered, if the first
    procedure shows no sign of success within 3 hours after the first dose. This has
    increased the success rate to 98.6%.

    Concerning the psychological indications and contra-indications of this
    procedure, C. FIALA (Austria) pointed out that this method, which lasts 48
    hours, is conducted in a way which calls for some degree of participation by
    the patient. Appropriate counselling is therefore required