Annet Jansen


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    Is there a lower limit in gestational age?


    Annet Jansen MD, 1979-1984 Curaçao (Dutch Antilles), 2 years department gynaecology and obstetrics, 1984 rehabilitation outpatient department university hospital Groningen, 1985-1998 primary health center baby and child care (prevention), 1993-          medical supervisor center for sexual and reproductive health Amsterdam


    It is acceptable to perform an abortion from 2.5- 3 weeks  gestation if the pregnancy test is positive and the pregnancy is detected intra uterine by ultrasound examination.

    In the Netherlands there is quite a lot of experience with early first trimester surgical abortions with good results. The percentage of failures is 2-5%, comparable with failures by use of the abortion pill.

    The failures are usually not on going pregnancies, but retained placentaparts.

    A higher risk of failed abortion is seen by uterine anomalies, by twin pregnancies, extreme position of the uterus, retroflexion or anteflexion.

    The follow up after 3 weeks is offered to each woman. It includes a laboratory test and if positive an ultrasound examination will follow to exclude an on going pregnancy.

    Depending on the complaints of the failed curettage there is required a repeat curettage.