Paul Cesbron


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    In France from 1990 to 1995 1,000,000 legal abortions were carried out. There
    were 4 deaths linked without certitude to an infection, 1 0/00 peritonitus and
    about 1% of minor complications with up to 12 weeks of amenorrhia There are
    few long term post-infection effects.
    Women with a history of pelvic infection run a real risk of infectious complications.

    The speaker quotes an American study:
    1/1400 abortion leads to hospitalisation.
    1/4500 leads to a serious infection.
    What antibiotic therapy: 1 dose of DOXYCYCLINE 200mg 2 hours before, 200mg
    12 hours after.

    To recap:

    At the moment the incidence of infection is not known.
    The majority of centres do not practise a systematic antibiotic therapy.

    The discussion underlined the different medical practices. In Spain
    DOXYCYCLINE is systematically used for 5 days, in Germany there is screening
    for Chlamydia with treatment in positive cases.

    The specific case of Russia where women under go a high number of abortions
    shows a linked rise in the incidence of Chlamydia.

    In conclusion: although this is a quantifiable field consensus is not possible