C. O’Callaghan


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    Te Mahoe Unit-Wellington NZ-an overview
    O’Callaghan, C
    Te Mahoe Unit, Wellington, New Zealand
    The poster will contain an overview of the Te Mahoe Unit which
    is the Early Pregnancy Counselling and Termination Unit in
    Wellington, New Zealand.
    There will be a brief description of the New Zealand law with
    regard to termination of pregnancy (TOP). The referral process
    and certification process will also be explained.
    All procedures that are provided will be described e.g. surgical
    termination with local anaesthetic and conscious sedation up to
    14 + 5 weeks of gestation — early medical termination with
    miferistone and misoprostol up to 9 weeks of gestation.
    A section on products of conception and what happens to
    them. Some explanation around Maori cultural beliefs.
    Also nursing care, after care, on call issues and statistics. The
    latest complication rates and causes of same.
    Finally, law reform issues and looking to the future.