Silvana Agatone


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    IUD insertion immediately post abortion
    Silvana Agatone M.D.,P.Facco M.D, M GiovanniniM.D. M.Carlos MW T.Malatesta MW,
    P.Proietti MW, Operating Unity for voluntary abortion, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    Deparment, S:Pertini Hospital Rome Italy
    To evoid recurrent abortion and to provide an acceptable and fast contraception, from the
    year 2005 we started to insert 100 IUD (MLCu 3,75) immediately after uterine aspiration
    for the termination of pregnancy of less then 12 weeks duration.
    A control by ultrasound was carried after 1 and 3 months from the insertion.We had 3
    expulsion and 2 cases of metrorraghia, so that the response rate was 95%.
    No pregnancy,perforations o cases of pelvic inflammatory deseases were recorded.We
    concluded that insertion of IUD immediately post abortion is an acceptable contraceptive