Cécile Artus


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    The experience of the settling of a new abortion center in the French speaking part of Belgium

    Cécile Artus (Belgium)

    Center Eve & Adam, Bastogne, Belgium

    The province of Luxemburg shows specificities due to the rural environment : scattered population, great geographical distances, lack of publictransports. This province has also a political story where the catholic party is well present. So, it is only in 2007 that the idea to open the unique abortion center  in this province was born.

    It is obvious that the access to abortion (as well as to contraception and to pregnancy test) is difficult in this rural environment for all the reasons mentionned above.

    The question of the anonymity is raised and reduces this access to abortion. It is the reason why this right must be guaranteed to the women that push the door of the center.

    Since the begining of the abortion center, the staff has established a surprising statement: 25-35 years old women under contraception with a non desired pregnancy of 13-19 weeks old. The hypothesis is that these women have contraceptive accidents and do not have any awareness of the risk taken.

    As a conclusion, the abortion is still a taboo subjet. The professionnal workers of the contraception and abortion have still to focus on prevention and information about reproductive health.