Renato Martins et al.


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    Sociologic Aspects of Legalized Abortion in Portugal. 1 Year Experience

    Renato Martins, Marisa Moreira, Teresa Bombas, Teresa Sousa Fernandes, Paulo Moura (Portugal)

    Genetics, Reproduction and Fetal Maternal Medicine Department, Coimbra University Hospitals, Portugal

    Introduction. According to United Nations, about 13% of maternal deaths in world were attributed to complications after non safe abortions. In Portugal, in last decades, ten maternal deaths occurred per year due to complications of illegal abortion. Since, July 16th of 2007 abortion is legal before ten weeks.

    Objectives. Characterization of the female population that came to our Service for abortion.

    Material and Methods. We analysed the clinical files of medical abortion appointment during the period of 1 year from 16th July 2007.

    Results. We included 298 females. Average age 28,2±7,6 years.(11,8% adolescents and 20,1% more than 35 years). We reported a 10% of non Portuguese women in our sample. Almost 52% were married. In this sample the authors report an average of 27% of women that had no contraceptive method in use before the abortion. In 90% of the cases this was the first abortion, and the majority of women pointed out economics reasons to justify it. Nearly 90% had a medical interruption, with few cases of complications associated to the method.

    Conclusions. The great group of women that come for abortion are not adolescents as it was firstly expected. The majority are Portuguese and live with their partner. A great number of women are not users of Family Planning Services.