Marta Okelly


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    Problems in abortion care for immigrants in Spain

    Marta Okelly (Spain)

    In the last few years, Spain has become a receptor country for an increasing number of people coming from other countries. About half of these people are women who have their own way of dealing with their sexual and reproductive health and after emigrating from their nations, they have to get used to new conditions and situations.

    The Association of Clinics Authorized to perform TOPs (ACAI in Spanish) has conducted an investigation aimed to get more knowledge about this group of immigrants in Spain. The surveys carried out on almost 1000 women show important data about their sexual and reproductive health, such as:

    1. Number of abortions among female immigrants according to their nationalities.
    2. Relationship between TOPs and their immigration status (legal or illegal).
    3. Reasons for TOPs (income levels, family structure, etc).
    4. Access to the public health system.
    5. Sexual and reproductive habits among female immigrants in our country: use of contraceptive methods, reasons of their failure, the most common methods used, knowledge of emergency contraception.
    6. Repeated TOPs.
    7. Difference and similarities about the sexual and reproductive behaviour among nationalities and even among different regions in a same country.