Vera N. Prilepskaya


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    Efficacy and tolerance of emergency contraception with levonorgestrel in a dose of 1.5 mg (Escapelle)

    Vera Prilepskaya, Elmira Dovletkhanova, Patimat Abakarova, Elena Mezhevitinova Federal State Budget Institution "Research Centre for Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Perinatology", Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia -

    Objectives: To assess efficacy and tolerance of levonorgestrel-containing contraceptive Escapelle in women for emergency contraception. Materials and Methods: We investigated 35 women, aged from 18 to 39 (mean age 23.4+/-1.1) coming to the Centre for emergency contraception. All women visited the Centre during 48-96 hours after the moment of unprotected sexual contact. Nineteen women (54.3%) had the 1st phase of menstrual cycle, 16 (45.7%) had the 2nd phase. To exclude contraindications for hormonal contraception we conducted examinations (clinical, ultrasound, pregnancy test). One dose of Escapelle containing 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel was indicated to all patients. Results: Efficacy of Escapelle made up 97.2%. Pregnancy occurred in one case (2.8%) that was associated with the time period of more than 96 hours since the intercourse. In the 1st group 11 (58%) out of 19 women were noted to have menstruation delay, 5 had heavy periods (26.3%). In the 2nd group five women (31.2%) had menstruation delay for 3-5 days, shortening of the cycle was found in four (25%) women, heavy periods were in two (12.5%). Side-effects were registered in six women (17.1%). Out of them sickness was noted in four (11.4%), vomiting in one (2.8%), breast tension in one case (2.8%). Conclusion: Escapelle is a highly efficient and well-tolerated method of emergency contraception. Taking into account the fact that side-effects in the form of menstrual cycle disorders were found more often in women using Escapelle during the 2nd phase of the cycle it is necessary to recommend planned hormonal contraception. Efficacy decreases with the time period since the unprotected intercourse.