Katarina Lindahl


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    Women’s right for induced abortion within the EU
    Katarina Lindahl, secretary general RFSU, The Swedish Association for Sexuality

    What is neded to make Womens right to safe abortion a real possibility in all Europe!
    The presentation will discuss the current situation for women in Europe concerning
    access, legislation and security as well as changes that lately have been made.
    Political and legal obstacles to safe and legal abortion will be discussed and the
    consequences for women when laws are restrictive.
    In that part comparison between countries like Sweden and countries with very strict
    legislation will briefly be made.
    Here a brief mentioning of the arguments in a more global context will be made, e.g. if or
    to what extent arguments are imported to Europe from e.g. USA?
    I will also discuss abortion as a right and touch on the most important arguments when
    abortion is discussed in Europe.
    Abortions as a right or as a health issue are two often discussed strategies. What is the
    best way to argue in Europe, and where shall the issue be discussed? Is the European
    parliament a useful arena?