FIAPAC is an organization of professionals working in the field of abortion and contraception.

Our Website provides information on a professional level. Here you will find a broad range of information with an international perspective, in particular the contents and presentations of the FIAPAC-conferences.


2016 Conference

Theme: Improving women’s journeys through abortion
13. - 15. October 2016 in Lisbon (Portugal)

View or download the flyer here


FIAPAC grantsubmission deadline extended till 1 May 2016

Exelgyn, in partnership with FIAPAC, will provide funding to support an individual, group, institute or organisation with a project within Europe related to the aims and scope of the Exelgyn/FIAPAC project “Improving the quality of life for women having a medical abortion”.

Download the application form here.
Full information.
Who can apply? Applicants must be paid-up FIAPAC members.
Deadline: applications MUST be received at FIAPAC by 1 May 2016.
Budget: 10 000 euros maximum for the successful application. If the Exelgyn/FIAPAC grant committee decides, the fund may be split to more than one project.

Newsletter - Volume 2016 Issue 1 is now available

FIAPAC statements (published on 13 April 2016)

Statement of solidarity with the Federation for Women and Family Planning in Poland
Statement on the prosecution of women in Northern Ireland for offences relating to abortion

Call for congress bids 2018

Bids are welcome to host the FIAPAC Conference in the year 2018.
Although it may look far away, we are aware that preparing a bid takes time and we would like to remind you that proposals for holding conferences should be presented 2 years ahead at the General Assembly.
The deadline to submit a bid is 19 September 2016.
Any FIAPAC member from any European country interested in making a bid is strongly encouraged to do so. The Central Office will be happy to reply to any request for further information on how to prepare a bid.